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Decorating Your Home Tip

This is more a philosophy, rather than a tip to be honest. 

To create a memory and an emotional attachment to something, the more senses you can engage, the stronger the sensation, the more powerful the bond, the more lingering the emotion and memory.


This is my goal for you; this will be our result.

Roderick Le Grand

 Director  I   Senior Stylist  

While consulting with you in designing and decorating your home’s interiors, we work with you to not just ensure your space looks and feels inspired; we aim to ensure there is an emotional connection for you, your family, friends and guests.

We begin by determining your goals and work with you in developing a concise understanding of personal and family dynamic and tastes to ensure practical functionality as well as creative design across the different areas and zones of your home. 



To evoke this quality in all of our spaces, we aim to engage all five senses, by ensuring rooms….


Look visually inspired and draw the visitor in


Feel luxurious and nurturing, are tactile via multiple textiles and subtle layers


Sound peaceful and relaxing, with consideration given to external influences


Are fresh, ventilated and airy, with natural air and light flow


With creative cooking spaces, to inspire entertaining at all levels



     Are all the boxes ticked? 

Then you will love to be home, your home will be your sanctuary and you will be the enviable destination of choice of friends and family wanting to be apart of your LeGrand Maison inspired space…..YOUR HOME 






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