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Roderick's "Estate Collections" Commitment and Promise

Vendors and agents with properties competing within an international buyers’ space require an installation that resonates finesse and standards that need to surpass buyer’s expectation, ensuring your property is not simply desirable, but impressive, prominent and a home of overwhelming desire and aspiration. 

I can and will achieve this for you and ensure your property presents and performs exquisitely in both photography and inspections. 

I look forward to creating you a “Estate Collection” curation and catalogue that will see your property as the benchmark to achieve within the premium property market.  


LeGrand Maison, in addition to our standard packages, provides curation and installation of luxury “Premium Estate Collections”, comprising of furnishings, accessories and antiquities for properties in the multi million-dollar price bracket.    


These items have been sourced from the United Kingdom, the European Continent, Asia and domestic collections and are guaranteed to impress and resinate with the most discerning domestic or international purchaser.  


These installations are designed to compliment every aspect of the property; both internally and externally; with substantial, unique and impressive artefacts that ensure that these top end of the market properties are decorated and styled in a manner that complement the price point bracket in which they occupy. 

As these installation pieces are one hundred percent unique, LeGrand Maison also offers all installation furnishings and artifacts for sale. As part of our offering, we will provide agents and vendors with a full, high quality, photographic “LeGrand Maison Estate Collection Catalogue” with the retail price of each item within the collection, should vendors wish to offer the property with the furnishings as an inclusion when negotiating a settlement. 

The “Estate Collections” packages are available nationally; with all capital cities and regional Australia facilitated; and are personally curated, catalogued and installed by Roderick LeGrand; our founder and design director. 

Contact us today and discuss with Roderick a bespoke, inspired and truly unique installation that will ensure your property is the foremost offering within the international property market.   

Contact us today to arrange your obligation free consultation and bespoke design package to transform your space and the way you live in it by calling

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